Saturday, July 4, 2009

It's Only Words

I have heard this before
Too many times actually
Senseless and hollow promises

Opaque despite explanations yet
Now I can see through your facade
Love or lust doesn't matter anymore
You live a lie

What are your promises worth?
Only words you forget later
Regret is another emotion you fake
Doomed is this relationship
Sorry but this time it's over forever

Prompted @ Acrostic Only


Amias said...

I truly love this Fatima. It could read better if you remove "are your" from the third line, and on the seventh line it reads better like this: "What are your promises worth?"

You are very talented and I have enjoyed reading you tonight. Thank you so much for sharing.

Savannah said...

Words can be empty. You did well on this one. I hate lies, they are a relationship killer.

Fatima said...

I made the necessary changes Amias. Thank you so much.

Fatima said...

So true Savannah. What is a relationship without honesty?

Miss Sunshine said...

OYE!!! This one truly brought out your poetic feelings! Finally. It felt as if u din hold urself back. :D

I hate liars too :P

Linda - Nickers and Ink said...

Telling and true.

Choco said...

Its Only Words...Thought provoking and true...
& I must say your blog has a very nice template :)

Amias said...

Fatima, you don't have an email listed and this is my only way I could contact you personally.

You are an amazing poet, you put much creativity in your acrostic. With a little technical help you would blow us away with your unique acrostics.

Please consider joining Acrostic Only Workshop. Go to to AO blog and click on the green link and send me your email and I will add you.

I wouldn't ask if I didn't think you have the potential of a great poet. There are so many writers of poems, and it's always wonderful when I run into a poet with great potential and talent such as yours.

Yes, this old one is going to say please join me there --- I would love to share what little I know with you about the technical end of writing an acrostic.