Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Raised from the ashes
Example of a phoenix perhaps?
Into the world born again
Nonsense this isn't
Created to fulfill a purpose of past or
Arrived to live a life anew
Renewed purpose of living
Not everyone gets this chance
Again to live twice
To make past wrongs right
It has to be God behind this
Or who else could give us a second chance
Now you must believe in Him for may be that's the only purpose

Prompted @ Acrostic Only


Engaged two souls held by promise of togetherness
New diamonds shine in testimony
Gem is the couple
Affection runs deep
Grateful hearts for finding 'the one'
Each feels the same warmth
My heart swells as he smiles, eyes twinkling
Engaging conversation keeps interest alive
Now I will spend my life with him and
Trust my mind, body, soul with him forever

Prompted @ Acrostic Only


Carefully dispose
Reduce to ashes
Emerges no phoenix
Man this is
At one time he ruled the world
Today lies lifeless
Into the machine his body goes
On the count of three burn and char
Now wash it away for it just ashes and bones

Prompted @ Acrostic Only

Breaking The Mold

Baseless superstitions
Recurring rites
Enough blindness already
Arrogantly ignorant
Kick such blind notions
Into the deeps it seeps
Now uproot untouchability and never
Germinate this disease ever

They are humans too
Hearts beat in their chests
Eyes are mist but dreams

Man can't ill treat another man
Of what, but power, he lacks?
Love one and love all for
Doomed is the world with hatred

Prompted @ Acrostic Only

Mind Control


Late it isn't

Prompted @ Acrostic Only


Recycle all that isn't needed
Enough pollution already
Crap should be reused
You find a way to conserve more
Can't afford to burden the earth further
Lame excuses don't count no more
I take the initiative to recycle
Now is the time to save the environment for
Global warming has to be delayed if not stopped

Prompted @ Acrostic Only


Precious thing pledged
As guarantee against
Wisdom can't buy food but
Nothing else but money can

Prompted @ Acrostic Only

First Date

Flirty gestures
Initial meeting
Romantic setting
Sweet talks
Tension fading

Deciding factors judged
Alternatives sorted
To meet again or not
Eagerly first dates awaited

Prompted @ Acrostic Only

Monday, July 20, 2009


Futile efforts
Unanimous conclusion
Try harder
Intimidating competition
Lingering gloom
Efforts wasted

Prompted @ Acrostic Only


Amounts of

Prompted @ Acrostic Only


Call everyone
Enjoy we must
Let us celebrate
Engage in joy
Bring out the champagne
Root out all worries
All fears must be put to rest
Take this moment, seize it!
Incredulous laughter from heart
Of you it tells a lot
No matter what occasion, celebrate!

Prompted @ Acrostic Only

To Be Or Not To Be


Brave and




Beware for it’s not

Prompted @ Acrostic Only

Monday, July 13, 2009

Harry Potter

Homeless wizard
Adorable and more
Rages for revenge
Right from wrong he knows
Yesterday is a lesson precious to him

Priceless is his self-realization
Obducts himself in an invisible cloak
Throw spells with a wand that shares its core with evil
Tyranny he will fight to keep at bay
Enduring lad braves it all
Rowling couldn’t have done a better job!

Prompted @ Acrostic Only

Chasing Rainbows

Candid dreams I dreamt with them
How crystal clear life was supposed to be
Away from all maliciousness
Serene, pristine, it should be
Intellect ruled and love prevailed
Now they shattered all my silly dreams
Gagged and stained is my reality with theirs

Real is this? I ask when the curtain falls
Alters my perception of peaceful living
Intimidated I am by harsh truths
Now it seems I lived in glass castles
But I wish I could take it in my stride
Obey the changing rules of life and give in
Wishful thinking is all I do – inside I am so numb
So I was chasing rainbows… How could I be so dumb…

Prompted @ Acrostic Only


How many lies hide your truth?
Once we loved each other unconditionally
Gone are the days I loved you blindly
Where is the trust now? I can’t feel it
After so long I realize I was played the fool
Seriously did you think I’d forgive you?
Hogwash were all your stories – all fabricated lies

Prompted @ Acrostic Only


ind is saturated in chaotic thoughts
Encountered a lot of troubles already
Decidedly I’ve have enough of it
I can’t believe how many lies have crept in
Trembles my hand as I pen this down
Another confusing yet frustrating chapter unfolds
Too many confessions I’ve been faced with
In the end I need to sooth my crying soul
One I have to be with myself before anything else
Now meditation is the only solution I got

Prompted @ Acrostic Only

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Just My Imagination

ustify your arrogance when you thought she was it all
Uninterested you were in seeing the reality
She was so fake and you believed
Trusted her blindly, care thrown to winds

Mind games she mastered with her innocent face
Yet you never saw through her façade

Interested she was in spreading rumors
Merry and gay when they spread like fire
And you actually fell for her lies when she
Gained cheap thrills with her sick antics
In the end who got betrayed?
Now sunshine is fake – who would have thought?
Arrogantly you trusted her and believed in her lies
The image of a foe is her face now you can see
Imagination of yours had then taken you for a ride
Once you almost saw through her façade
Now you regret when you learnt of the games she played

Prompted @ Acrostic Only

Saturday, July 4, 2009

It's Only Words

I have heard this before
Too many times actually
Senseless and hollow promises

Opaque despite explanations yet
Now I can see through your facade
Love or lust doesn't matter anymore
You live a lie

What are your promises worth?
Only words you forget later
Regret is another emotion you fake
Doomed is this relationship
Sorry but this time it's over forever

Prompted @ Acrostic Only


Very tired of monotony
All of me demands a break
Can't wait anymore to break free
And I start making plans
Trip to remember this will be
I am going overseas
On a quest to find myself
No more frivolously bonded to life

Prompted @ Acrostic Only



Prompted @ Acrostic Only


Supreme elegance
Unmatched aura
Perpetual freedom
Eager one is about them
Rationally defied by their presence
Nature's freaks or
Astonishing outworldly?
Terrible powers at their hands
Unimaginable abilities they harness
Reality stranger than fiction
Almost unbelievable until witnessed
Lustrous supernatural is for sure

Prompted @ Acrostic Only

Walking On Eggshells

When it starts, it can't stop
All my reasoning, defied
Longed for this for so long
Know the more I have
I get thirsty for more
No ounce of will power remains
Grateful I am once it's inside me

One I am finally with myself
Naturally the substance calms me

Enough I can't have of it
Grossed however I am at it's dependency
Greener pastures I don't see anymore
So intoxicated, I lose myself
Hold on to it like dear life itself
Else where will I get this peace?
Looking around I know they will be hurt
Lame is my excuse but I am addicted
So long until they find I walk on eggshells all day long

Prompted @ Acrostic Only


udden betrayal took me by surprise
Unexpectedly my friends turned foes
Rendered me defenseless
Vexed was I by it all
Intimidated were you by me?
Vulnerable I was, yet
Opportunity to get past it I saw
Regret your friendship as your weaknesses helped me survive

Prompted @ Acrostic Only

Picture Courtesy

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Dancing to the rhythm
Apparent elation surfaces
No more contained
Candid grooves
Inhibitions shed
No more scared to try
Graceful moves

Prompted @ Acrostic Only

Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Best Friend

There is always one person who walks into our lives and changes it forever. They might just vanish later. But their impact forever stays on our lives.

Someone did that to me too. The person I instantly recognized as my best friend.

I have had a lot of so-called ‘best friends’ but truly I never knew the meaning of friendship until he walked in. My life was screwed up, and almost instantly he took the reins of my life in his hands and then nothing was the same again. He changed me forever. And for good.

This fella and I had so many crazy times together. We laughed together, we cried. He lectured me and at some (rare) times I lectured him.

We drank together, we ate together like all best friends do. But he always stuck by my side. And I with him. Stuck with some kinda invisible strong glue.

He makes me laugh and he laughs at my sad sarcastic humor. He listens to my tales with a grim face and then makes fun of me when I am done. I probe and push him to know about his exes and laugh on his face later.

By the end of the day if I need a shoulder to cry, he’s there –my punching bag sometimes. He listens, he advices, he instructs, he loves me truly. And he accepts me for my quirks, my madness, and my silliness – like I accept him.

We pull prank on others and it’s really hilarious. Meanie? Nah, it’s just us.

When one of us got a terrible haircut according to the other, we put on a straight face and said "wow! You look different." And then after a while laughed out cuz we couldn’t control. "Never have that silly haircut again!" Tried to make it as sweet as possible, but it’s the laughs I remember the most.

To others we’re just normal friends. Doing things together, being each other’s strength, fighting with each other and then reconciling after a few minutes with ‘I’m sorry – no – I’m sorry’. And there are those silences that is all that we need sometimes.

But it’s cuz of him I know what friendship is. Just how beautiful it is. And I know I got a good thing in my BFF and it’s forever.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

On Cloud Nine

Omnipresent he
Notorious his smile

Clever eyes of his soften
Lingering on my skin, his touch
Overtly gripping his dimpled smile
Unique truly he is
Deep red I blush as he talks

No sense of time remains
I go higher in love
Neither one is to blame
Every sense washed away in love

Prompted @ Acrostic Only