Saturday, July 4, 2009

Walking On Eggshells

When it starts, it can't stop
All my reasoning, defied
Longed for this for so long
Know the more I have
I get thirsty for more
No ounce of will power remains
Grateful I am once it's inside me

One I am finally with myself
Naturally the substance calms me

Enough I can't have of it
Grossed however I am at it's dependency
Greener pastures I don't see anymore
So intoxicated, I lose myself
Hold on to it like dear life itself
Else where will I get this peace?
Looking around I know they will be hurt
Lame is my excuse but I am addicted
So long until they find I walk on eggshells all day long

Prompted @ Acrostic Only


Amias said...

First congratulations on your BWA win.

Relationships, no matter what they are, or who they are with can be like walking on eggshells at times. I enjoyed reading this.

Fatima said...

Thank you so much Amias! And welcome back :D

Common Man said...

me too enjoyed readin it!! :)

Fatima said...

Thanks Common Man

Miss Sunshine said...

me 3 enjoyed reading it
haha :P
Brilliant :D :D