Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Dancing to the rhythm
Apparent elation surfaces
No more contained
Candid grooves
Inhibitions shed
No more scared to try
Graceful moves

Prompted @ Acrostic Only

Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Best Friend

There is always one person who walks into our lives and changes it forever. They might just vanish later. But their impact forever stays on our lives.

Someone did that to me too. The person I instantly recognized as my best friend.

I have had a lot of so-called ‘best friends’ but truly I never knew the meaning of friendship until he walked in. My life was screwed up, and almost instantly he took the reins of my life in his hands and then nothing was the same again. He changed me forever. And for good.

This fella and I had so many crazy times together. We laughed together, we cried. He lectured me and at some (rare) times I lectured him.

We drank together, we ate together like all best friends do. But he always stuck by my side. And I with him. Stuck with some kinda invisible strong glue.

He makes me laugh and he laughs at my sad sarcastic humor. He listens to my tales with a grim face and then makes fun of me when I am done. I probe and push him to know about his exes and laugh on his face later.

By the end of the day if I need a shoulder to cry, he’s there –my punching bag sometimes. He listens, he advices, he instructs, he loves me truly. And he accepts me for my quirks, my madness, and my silliness – like I accept him.

We pull prank on others and it’s really hilarious. Meanie? Nah, it’s just us.

When one of us got a terrible haircut according to the other, we put on a straight face and said "wow! You look different." And then after a while laughed out cuz we couldn’t control. "Never have that silly haircut again!" Tried to make it as sweet as possible, but it’s the laughs I remember the most.

To others we’re just normal friends. Doing things together, being each other’s strength, fighting with each other and then reconciling after a few minutes with ‘I’m sorry – no – I’m sorry’. And there are those silences that is all that we need sometimes.

But it’s cuz of him I know what friendship is. Just how beautiful it is. And I know I got a good thing in my BFF and it’s forever.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

On Cloud Nine

Omnipresent he
Notorious his smile

Clever eyes of his soften
Lingering on my skin, his touch
Overtly gripping his dimpled smile
Unique truly he is
Deep red I blush as he talks

No sense of time remains
I go higher in love
Neither one is to blame
Every sense washed away in love

Prompted @ Acrostic Only

Monday, June 22, 2009


re·cip·ro·cate (r-spr-kt)
1. To give or take mutually; interchange.
2. To show, feel, or give in response or return.

Retreating glances
Enough said already by her
Countdown has begun
In time I will confess I value her love
Pretty girl takes my breath away
Radiant my life is because of her
Opulent sunshine
Can I love her so selflessly?
At least I'll give her my all
Time to show how much I care
Erase all sadness, love her to death

Prompted @ Acrostic Only


fil·ly (fl)
n. pl. fil·lies
1. A young female horse.
2. Informal A lively, high-spirited girl or young woman.

Friendly Face
Interesting Persona
Loud Sweet Laughter
Lively Disposition
Yells she, "Enjoy life!"

Prompted @ Acrostic Only