Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Just My Imagination

ustify your arrogance when you thought she was it all
Uninterested you were in seeing the reality
She was so fake and you believed
Trusted her blindly, care thrown to winds

Mind games she mastered with her innocent face
Yet you never saw through her façade

Interested she was in spreading rumors
Merry and gay when they spread like fire
And you actually fell for her lies when she
Gained cheap thrills with her sick antics
In the end who got betrayed?
Now sunshine is fake – who would have thought?
Arrogantly you trusted her and believed in her lies
The image of a foe is her face now you can see
Imagination of yours had then taken you for a ride
Once you almost saw through her façade
Now you regret when you learnt of the games she played

Prompted @ Acrostic Only

1 comment:

Amias said...

It was all in the mind ... this is more of an acrostic story. I enjoyed reading it.